Our work

Our Past Engagements

Government Organizations

1) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare(India)

2) Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) (US)

3) Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield(US)

4) Michigan Department of Health and Human Services(US)

5) Rochester Health Information Organization (US)

6) Division of Tenncare(US)

7) North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education (US)

Non Government Organizations

1) Siruthuli(India)

2) Ramakrishna Mission (India)

3) Clinton Health Access Initiative (India)

4) Association for Welfare, Social Action & Research India


Below are the Case Studies of our previous engagements

Case Study: Opioid Addiction-Surveillance and Monitoring

AI-based high impact solution for early opioid abuse surveillance, intervention and outreach for state government, This application will Target Patients who are receiving Healthcare Benefits from Department of Health and Opioid prescribing Doctors who are claiming rebates and government subsidiary

Lymphatic Filariasis (Elephant Foot Disease) Monitoring & Evaluation system

Modernization of existing public health monitoring and evaluation of Vector Borne Disease Outbreak, notification and prediction system

Upgrade Architecture , System, Process Automation and UX Transformation . This application will capture patient, population level data touching 25Million life's ( patient records)

Case Study: Modernizing Education Departments

Digital Transformation of State Educational departments and Private schools - modernizing Mid Day meal, attendance and leave management, School supplies, e-Portfolio, Smart proctor and exam management

Integration for MIS reports with Divyangjan and Diksha registries

Case Study- Women and Child Health Tracking

State's Application modernization, Integration to national RCH registries & Kilkari ( literacy app)

Application modernization for State's Early identification and tracking of the individual beneficiary throughout the reproductive lifecycle. Application facilitates timely delivery of full component of antenatal, postnatal & delivery services and tracking of children for complete immunization services

Case Study: Block Chain in Governance

Develop and maintain custom block chain servers, infrastructure for private and government entitles

One Praja One Record- Block chain Infrastructure helps in consolidated all certification, licenses, records in one place across different departments .

It helps citizens to request, manage, update, view, transfer, renew, respond , download and perform various other features all in one place.

Application will run on 512 Kbps with low bandwidth